Medical Microbiology is a rapidly advancing discipline that deals with the prevention,  diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. The role of a medical microbiologist is to study the characteristic of pathogens,  their mode of transmission,  mechanism of infection and growth,  to help in identification of pathogens and suggesting treatment options. They may also assist in preventing or controlling outbreaks of disease.

The subject Microbiology is part of the 2nd year subjects spanning over a period of 1½years (3rd, 4th, & 5th semesters). The department plays a major role in teaching undergraduate medical students through lectures,  discussions and seminars and updates them on the recent developments in microbiology. Other courses include B.Sc/Post-basic BSc Nursing and Allied health sciences. The students attain knowledge in all aspects of microbiology including Clinical Microbiology. Till date,  the overall academic performance of the medical students in microbiology has been well acclaimed.

The Microbiology laboratory came into existence with the inception of the institution in 1987, under the eminent leadership of Dr. Grace Koshy. The Leptospirosis laboratory was setup in 1989,  following which,  Leptospira from human cases,  was first isolated in Kerala.
The department in the college was setup both as a clinical and teaching laboratory in 2002 with Dr. G. Radhakutty Amma (Ret. Prof & HOD Microbiology,  Govt. Medical College,Alleppey) as the Professor and Head of the department. She was assisted by Dr. Ambika Devi, Dr. SheelaSugathan,  and other staff members to bring it to its present status.
Dr. Shareen Georgejoined the department in 2007. Ms.Manju Jacob joined in 2005. Dr. ChithraJayaprakash joined in 2013 followed by Dr. Gireesh A. R. in 2016. The department is situated on the 1st floor of the medical college building.

The Microbiology laboratory attached to the department has the following sections- Bacteriology,  Mycobacteriology (RNTCP testing centre),  Serology,  Virology,  Mycology and Parasitology. The laboratory is well-equipped to deliver accurate,  reliable results with the aid of automated instruments such as BacT/Alert,  VITEK2C,  VITROS , ELISA reader and washer. We also have the fluorescent microscope and dark-field microscope, modern autoclaves, Biological safety cabinets, and laminar flow in addition to the basic lab settings. The results are dispatched without delay via computerized networking system.
The major serological tests handled include that for HIV, Hepatitis A,B,C, and E, Autoimmune diseases, Leptospirosis, Dengue, Enteric fever, and Rickettsial diseases. The Microbiology laboratory is also involved in the External Quality Assurance programme (EQAS) with IAMM to ensure the quality and to meet the standard of diagnosis at an International level.

Our department is fortunate to have a very efficient group of doctors and support staff who are determined to set a bench mark in the rapidly advancing field of microbiology.

Academic Activities
The department has all the facilities for research work. In addition,  STS ICMR projects by MBBS students are also being encouraged to instill in them an interest in Microbiology. Currently,  we have 4 such ICMR projects to our credit.
Teaching Faculties are actively engaged in the academic and research activities including:

  • Teaching of
    1. MBBS students ( 3rd, 4th & 5th semester ) 2-3 batches at a time
    2. Nursing students (B.Sc& Post Basic B.Sc)
    3. Anesthesia ( Diploma) and other CMAI paramedicals
    4. B.Sc Microbiology Interns from different colleges
    5. DMLT students and B.Sc MLT students
  • Guides of ICMR projects of MBBS students
  • Research activities by faculty

Project works done in the Department of Microbiology:

  • Drug resistance surveillance to study the resistance of first line anti tuberculous drugs in Ernakulam district - 2004.
  • Prevalence and genotype distribution of rotaviruses in children with acute gastroenteritis - 2011.

List of publications from the department during the last 5 years in indexed and non-indexed journals.


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