Anatomy is the study of human body.  It is a first year subject in the undergraduate curriculum. It includes the following disciplines

  1. Gross Anatomy
  2. Histology
  3. Osteology
  4. Embryology
  5. Radiological Anatomy
  6. Surface Anatomy
  7. Genetics

The Anatomy department at MOSC Medical College was setup in 2002 under the guidance of Dr. Leelamma George. She was later joined by Dr. Rajarajeswary. It was the coordinated efforts of both these senior professors which helped in organizing the museum and practical labs to the present form. Dr G.M. Siddiqui,  MS. headed the department until October 2016.


  • MBBS Course

a. Divided in two semesters, 1st semester is up to the last of December.  During this semester dissection is in the morning hours and histology practical in the after noon
b. 2nd semester extends from January to the last of May. During this period histology practicals are taken in the morning and dissection in the afternoon.

  • Subjects in Detail

a. Gross Anatomy
 It is study of human body by dissecting cadavers

b. Histology
It is the study of various tissues and organs at microscopic level

c. Osteology
It is the study of bones. The students are provided with the same during the dissection hours where they are expected to go through the details of it. The department has individual bones and full sets to cater to the needs of students during class hours. The study of Osteology is later applied to clinical departments like orthopedics and surgery.

d. Embryology
It is a complete study of the development of human embryo. It consists of a series of classes which are taken along with the regular theory classes. Study of embryology helps the students in getting a better knowledge when they attend their gynaecology and pediatric postings.

e. Radiological Anatomy
The students are familiarized with normal x-rays, CT, MRI scans during the regular dissection hours.

f. Surface Anatomy  
It is a sub division of Anatomy where emphasis is given on the bony landmarks of the body. The students are expected to learn the same during their regular dissection hours.

g. Genetics
It consists of few theory classes where students are given a briefing of various genetic disorders.

  • Nursing Classes

The Anatomy department also takes B.Sc,  M.Sc nursing classes for the attached Nursing College.

Special features:-     

  1. Interactive discussions
  2. Students oriented seminars
  3. Clinical co-relations by discussions & patients records
  4. Pre dissection lectures and on the table demonstration
  5. Regular tests to make student’s preparation up to a level of confidence to meet the vast curriculum.  

 Social public services:-       
    The department provides a service to public by embalming bodies for further   transportation.


  • Dissection Hall

It is a well lighted spacious hall on the ground floor. It can accommodate 100 students. There are 10 dissection tables   with cadavers and the students are divided accordingly. During the dissection period of three hours the students are required to dissect out the concerned regions of the body and study the Anatomical details. Each table is guided by a table teacher. Dissecting the human body improves the hand skills of the students.

  • Histology Lab

It is a big and neatly maintained lab on the first floor. It can accommodate 25 – 30 students at a time. The students are provided with the latest microscopes and are required to study the microscopic anatomy of various tissues and organs using the same. Apart from these, the lab boasts of having the latest techniques to prepare histological slides. A CCTV is also present for teaching histology slides. Study of histology helps the students in better understanding of pathology.

  • Museum

It is a large room on the ground floor. It consists of bottled specimens and models which are utilized for teaching purpose. Models and specimens give a better insight to the study of Anatomy. We have a total of 67 models and         300 bottled specimens.

  • Anatomy Lecture Hall

It is a big air conditioned hall built in theater style. It is equipped with LCD projector. All classes are taken using LCD along with chalk and board.

  • Demonstration Room

We have two well lighted and equipped demonstration rooms. Small practical demonstrations are held in these classes.